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Experience the calming and relaxing effects of a reflexology treatment, a gentle application of thumb and finger pressure to the reflex points in the feet.

September 2021

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Since re-opening at the end of April I have offered the Foot Assessment free of charge to every client when they have had a full priced reflexology treatment. This has worked really well and has introduced people to interesting and useful information that they would not have received otherwise. The feet are not generally considered as being linked to other health issues in the body. You might be wondering why it is helpful to have a foot assessment so I will explain.

Firstly, both feet are measured to check the size accurately. When was the last time that you had your feet measured? Probably as a child when your feet were still growing. It is quite surprising how many people are wearing shoes that are too small, myself included, although generally the footwear is quite comfortable. Sometimes though, people do tolerate painful feet in pursuit of fashionable, but inappropriate footwear. However, while the feet have been very forgiving about being in rather cramped enclosures, there may be silent damage occurring if the toes are scrunched up and pushed together or the medial longitudinal arch doesn't have enough room to fully extend. Try drawing round your feet - actually, get someone to do this for you as you need to be standing tall and looking straight ahead. Cut out the shape and then slide them into your shoes. If the cut-out lies flat with no curling at the edges or folding at the toes then your shoes are ok. Good! If however, there is some distortion to your foot template then you could be compromising areas of your body that correspond reflexively to where the foot is being squeezed. For example, headaches, neck and shoulder pain where the toes are short of space; lower back pain, digestive issues, hip and knee discomfort with shoes that cramp up the bones and muscles in the foot.

Secondly, an ink press is made of the feet whilst the person is walking which shows how weight is distributed across the feet. This gives information about where the muscles are tight or the foot bones may be slightly out of place. To a reflexologist, the feet are a microcosm of the body and tension in the feet reflects tension in the corresponding area of the body. Structural Reflexology® addresses these areas of tension and aims to return the feet to full function and comfort.

Take a look around this website where you will find more information.

I am continuing to offer the free foot assessment with any reflexology session. Why don't you book an appointment and see how your feet shape up!

I look forward to seeing you.
Best wishes,

Rosalind Walmsley MAR
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I am located in the village of Crosthwaite, 15 minutes drive from Kendal and 15 minutes drive from Windermere. There is plenty of free parking. See contacts page for details.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and no claims are made for diagnosis or cure.
It is not a substitute for medical treatment and advice.

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