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Experience the calming and relaxing effects of a reflexology treatment, a gentle application of thumb and finger pressure to the reflex points in the feet.

May 2021

Reflexology is back!

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My therapy room

After so many months in lockdown, it is wonderful to be able to open my clinic doors again! I have been very busy studying to bring new skills to add to my treatments and you can read about them on the pages of my website. Reflexology Lymph Drainage and StructuralReflexology® are both stand-alone treatments and beneficial in a wide range of situations. Specific techniques from each can also be incorporated into other reflexology treatments depending on the aim of the session. The result is amazingly versatile and the protocol can easily be adjusted to an individual's needs.

An integral, and fascinating, part of Structural Reflexology® is the foot assessment. This involves accurate measuring of both feet as it is often the case that people are wearing the wrong size footwear. I was myself - I was really surprised! Shoes, boots and sandals that do not fit properly, even if they feel comfortable, can cause problems with efficient foot function and potentially affect other parts of the body. The ink press is also interesting as it shows how weight is distributed when moving. This procedure is easily carried out by stepping on to the ink pad, designed for the purpose. No ink makes contact with the feet! An image is produced showing how the foot makes contact with the ground when moving.

Again, I was surprised to see that the little toe on my right foot was missing (see the pictures on the Structural Reflexology® page of the website). This is probably due to the fact that my shoes were a size too small and my 5th toe had been being squeezed up and unable to do its job.

During May and June 2021, I am offering this foot assessment free of charge with any full priced reflexology treatment. This is a great opportunity to make sure that your feet are functioning to their full potential. I'm sure that you will find this very interesting.

Please phone or email me for further information and ask for the free foot assessment when booking a reflexology treatment. You will need to allow an additional 30 minutes to your appointment time.

I look forward to seeing you.
Best wishes,

Rosalind Walmsley MAR
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I am located in the village of Crosthwaite, 15 minutes drive from Kendal and 15 minutes drive from Windermere. There is plenty of free parking. See contacts page for details.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and no claims are made for diagnosis or cure.
It is not a substitute for medical treatment and advice.

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